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Instrumentation Sale

Krohne IFC090 Signal Converter Housing only
(1) Available
Krohne Housing for an IFC090 Remote Signal Converter. Electronics have been removed. FM Class 1 Div. 2 Housing
Part Number: IFC090Housing
Was: $350.00 Sale Price: $50.00

M-Systems 3 1/2 Digit DC Panel Meter
(1) unit available
1/8 DIN, 4-20 range, 20ohm Input Impedance.
Part Number: 44DV1-SA-F
Was:$215.00 Sale Price: $20.00
M-Systems Limit Alarm
(1) unit available Unit accepts a pulse input and provides a relay contact a a preset input level. Version shown provides a single (Low) trip, non-latching relay contact output, adjustments are made via a 3-turn potentiometer on the face of the module, input type is voltage pulse and the power requirement is 24 VDC. Includes an LED indicator for alarm status and the enclosure can be surface or DIN-rail mounted.
Part Number: MP1700-2-R/X
Was: $265.00 Sale Price: $50.00
Oliver 3 Valve Remote Mounting Pipe to Pipe Manifold. 
(6) units available
Pressure: 6000psi. Temp: 240 C. PTFE Packing, 1/2" inlet and outlet handle, metal to metal seat and bore of 0.21".316 SST
Part Number: Y33S/2H
Was: $156.00 Sale Price: $50.00 each 
Perma-Cal Precision Process Pressure Gauge
(8) 0-30 PSI range and (2) 0-300 PSI gauges available. Unique Direct Drive Pressure Gauge. No gears, no liquid, only ONE moving part. Yellow case, External Zero adjust, 1/2 Botom fitting. 6" Dial Size. 
Part Number: 110FIB01Y23
Was: $218.00 Sale Price: $35.00 each

Powers Flowrite II Valve 
(1) unit available
Heavy Duty Bronze Series High Performance, Two-Way Valve. 2", Thread End Connection, SST Trim. Fail Open (air to  close) Teflon V-ring packing.
Part Number: 593-SS200SSXS8U0S
Was: $1769.00 Sale Price: $1000.00
Powers Flowrite II Valve
(1) unit available
Heavy Duty Bronze Series High performance, Two-Way Valve. 2", Thread End Connection, SST Trim. Fail Close (air to open) Teflon V-ring Packing.
Part Number: 593-SS200SSCS8U0S
Was: $1769.00 Sale Price: $1000.00
Pyromation RTD
(8) units available.
100 ohm platinum RTD sensor assembly. 00385 temperature coefficient, 2-wire configuration. Provided with 12" sheath length, 3/8" O.D., 316 stainless stell construction. 1" carbon steel hex fitting with 1/2" MNPT connections on each end and 3" Teflon insulated leadwires. Rated to 400 F maximum temperature.
Part Number: RBF185L68122-00-73W
Sale Price: $25.00

Pyromation 423 Digital Indicator
(2) Available
Digital Process Indicator for Thermocouples and RTD's. 120VAC Power. Splash Proof Panel Gasket Seal.
Part Number: 423-11-0000-01
Sale Price: $25.00
Siemens Paperless Graphic  Recorder
(1) Available
Part Number: 7ND4120-1AA11-1AA2
Sale Price: $ 1,100.00

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